Jul 082012

This design was sent to me by the customer and I loved it. Dorothy looks so cute with her little skirt and she also has a wand and fairy wings, not to mention the crown. I made the tiny little roses to go over the cake and then dipped them in red glitter and they looked really good. A beautiful little cake, perfect for a little girl.

Jun 232012

This is just a one-tier banana cake, covered in buttercream icing and then a thin layer of fondant over the whole thing. I then copied the picture of Buzz onto the fondant. After that, using black royal icing, I iced all the outlines and finally filled in the portions with a bit runnier royal icing. This is called floodwork and the end result always looks good. I also really liked the way Brayden’s name and age were made in the Toy Story style.

Jun 172012

Quite proud of this cake as the face of Ben 10 I had to draw myself and I don’t consider myself anywhere near an artist. He seemed to turn out recognisable which is all I can ask for. I put a Ben 10 watch around the middle of the cake with Javier’s name on it. Only the decorations were fondant on this cake, the main icing was just buttercream and the little balls around the edges were lollies.

May 052012

I don’t usually use plastic figurines on my cakes, but these four cute little Care Bears were given to me and I was asked to make a cake for a three-year-old girl. They actually made the cake look lovely. I do like making the rainbow with the Happy Birthday and name on it. It looks very effective. I also added some toadstools and some creepers of flowers and leaves all over the cake. A beautiful cake.

Mar 182012

Ah, I should have listened to the old adage that the customer is always right. Keira’s mother ordered a 3-tier Piglet cake which was fine. Then I had the bright idea of how about making the cake in the shape of Piglet instead. Hayley was content to go with whatever I suggested, so Piglet cake was duly made. However, because of the weight of his/her ears and the lightness of the cake used for the head, on the eve of the party the head caved in. In a turn around of approximately 18 hours, I made and decorated a 3-tier cake which I thought turned out really well – better than the first. So from now on no more bright ideas, just go with what the customer asked for.

May 272011

It was so much fun making this one, but also so time consuming getting all the details just so. I was so pleased with the way it turned out though, as was the customer. The balloons are especially nice and I can’t take any credit for them. My husband painted little polystyrene balls and then inserted some metallic wire into them and the effect was stunning.